I’m sat here at the computer drinking a cold bottle of Sol beer (without a darn lime), Fearne is tucked up cosy in bed and Kel is watching her beloved Emmerdale on the TV downstairs.  We are all here, we are all safe and well but there is a nervous tension in the air and that is because the future is frankly scary for us right now.

Those of you who know us will know that I (Paul) was made redundant from my day job on Monday morning.  Although business was up and down lately its still came as quite a shock especially with how the news came.  My day job consisted of working for my dad who was an owner driver for the UK’s largest Bed manufacturer.  We travelled around the country delivering beds to houses.  This Monday was the same as any other… (leave home at 05:30 and set off to Kent) that is until the phone rang at 07:30.  It was our transport manager saying that after Friday we will no longer need you, we have given your work out to another company to do… Oh!!!

After the initial shock of being told this, anger set in.  There were 5 owner drivers and 5 second men all out of work at a weeks notice.  My Dad had worked for this company for 37 years.  Worked through strikes at the company because he was a contractor.  Did over 50 hours a week for this company come rain, shine or snow.  Missed all the important days in his childrens lives like school sports days because he was out on the road for this company.  They re-paid this by telling him over the phone as he was driving at 56mph down the A1 on a busy Monday morning!!  Its despicable.  They had waited for us to set off on our weeks work knowing that they were going to make that call and hoped that we wouldn’t turn around with our loads and take them back.  My Dad and the other owner drivers are 100 times the people that they are because he didn’t turn around and take the load back he said “I’m not lowering myself to their level”.  I have to admit I would have turned around and taken the lot back and said “You deliver it then!!”

So, my plan… Well I wasn’t expecting to be in this position so soon thats for sure. I had a plan in my head and its all gone ‘Pete Tong’.  Ideally I would have liked another 6 months or so to build Paul Joseph Photography up some more,  to shoot some more cool families and get some beautiful weddings under my belt before making the jump.  It hasnt happened that way, I’ve been pushed so to say. BUT and its a big one, this will not deter me in pushing Paul Joseph Photography forward and nurturing it into a business that will be around for years to come. So I am now dedicating a lot more time to making Paul Joseph Photography into the business I’ve been thinking about these last 10 months.  There will be tough times ahead I am sure but I am looking forward to meeting the tough times head on and coming through the other side wiser, stronger and with awesome pictures of clients and their families to show that.

So if you like our work then tell a family member or a friend about Paul Joseph Photography.

Here’s to the future.

Paul  }