A day with the Begbie's

Ellen contacted us just before christmas to say that she wanted to book a lifestyle shoot with us,  she had seen the photographs we had done with Lennon and Bobby and is also a friend of their mum Caroline,  We were having the bad weather at the time so we agreed to put it off a little while until the spring where we have better weather and some beautiful colours start appearing all around.  We were asked not to say too much about the shoot as Ellen was keeping it a secret from her husband Jonathon and didn’t want him to find out,  the reason behind it was that we were going to be doing the shoot at the venue where Ellen and Jonathon got married….

Ripley Castle is where they tied the knot,  the castle is over 700 years old and has the most beautiful walled gardens to compliment it.  Also on the grounds is a stunning lake and huge oak trees are dotted about too I really can see why they picked out Ripley to get married.

Our lifestyle shoots consist of us starting out at the clients house and getting a few pictures of them getting ready and excited to head out for the day,  it also helps us by meeting the children in a familiar environment and their not meeting some hyperactive guy and his beautiful but also hyperactive wife in a strange location and then start to get their photo taken by them too,  I don’t know about you but id feel slightly daunted by that myself.

On the day we arrived at Begbie towers and were welcomed in while they finished their preparations of a good ol’ flask o tea and bag full of goodies to eat for the family,  Jessica immediately started chatting away to us introducing us to her younger sister Hollie and showing us her favourite toys.  Kelly took a shine to Hollie and had her sat on her knee whilst she played with her soothers.  Once we were all at ease I pulled out the camera and started taking one or two pictures of the girls and of mums preparations.  After 10 minutes or so we were off in the car to Ripley to have some fun for the day…

When we got inside the grounds we made our way towards the gardens,  Jessica and Hollie were shown all types of plants especially in the Kitchen garden. Jessica was an absolute dream for us posing away for us and Hollie was no trouble at all either.

Around lunchtime it started to rain a little so a quick decision was made to bring out the flask and the sarnies just inside the tropical garden door so some shelter could be had. The food went down a storm and Jessica loved her Cheese Puffs!!

The rain didn’t stay for long so we headed out towards the children’s playground and got a few shots of Jessica scaling some of the apparatus, Hollie decided to take a nap at this point but who can blame her really she had only had 5 minutes sleep in the car on the journey up.  We then decided to head back towards the house as Ellen wanted some family shots of them on the lakes Jetty with the house in the background similar to her wedding shots.

Whilst on our way we found loads of little gems for photograph opportunities and Jessica was more than willing to jump in shot and start posing again,  we found a beautiful shelter, and some freshly bloomed daffodils which all lead to some fab shots of the girls.

For the last few family shots we had bribed Jessica with an ice cream and once we had finished we headed for an ice cream from the world famous Ripley Ice cream parlour.  At this point we found it too much to resist and treated ourselves to an Ice cream too… OMG Cola flavour!  It was so refreshing, delicious…. ok I’m going off on one now so here are the pictures from a lovely day spent with the Begbie family, We enjoyed it so much.


I also made a slideshow video from the photographs and it has a lot more from the day on it too, To view it I have added it below but I recommend you view it in 720p for maximum quality.


A day with the Begbie’s from Paul Clapperton on Vimeo.

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