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This time last week… The Love My Dress Summer Soiree

This time last week both Kel and I were sporting a slight hangover… Ok a massive hangover!! About now we will have been sat in the breakfast area of Copthorne Hotel in Newcastle. Sipping on strong Coffee, munching our way through a full english, chatting about the evening before with our friends Domonique and Sachin and having a little giggle at the various other guests looking worse for wear that we recognised from the evening before (I’m sure some were even wearing the night before’s clothing still!! I don’t know names but you know who you are).

Whilst chatting about the evening I fished in my bag and pulled out all the photo booth pictures we had acquired the night before, Within seconds we were laughing away like hyenas at the fun we had in ‘The Booth‘. What a fabulous idea that was!!

The day before we arrived in Newcastle just after lunch and picked our friend Domonique of York up from the train station then checked into the hotel, Kel and Dom went off for hair and makeovers while I met Sachin and did the manly tog thing of looking round Jacobs Digital and the Apple store. Once the girls had been made to look super glamorous we then met up with Will and headed for some pub grub. Pizza was the preferred choice and went down really well.

Kelly wanted to look stunningly fabulous for the Soiree so she asked Linda of No 9 Bridal Couture if she would make her something gorgeous, Nothing Linda makes isn’t gorgeous so between them they came up with a Grace Kelly inspired frock (Black and White with a sprinkle of gorgeousness!). Linda was attending the Soiree too and kindly offered to take the frock up to Newcastle for us that way she knew it would be in pristine condition for Kelly when she was ready to wear it, Now thats a great friend for you! We headed over to collect the dress from Linda before then heading back to our hotel room to get ready. Confession here… Now I started to take pictures of Kelly getting ready from her hair to the frock hanging up waiting to go on, but as you know with women, getting ready is a whole story that takes time and time is something we were short on so the minute Kel was ready we had to be on our way to the Venue so I didn’t manage to get any pictures of Kelly in the dress!! BUT… We are no putting plans in place to do a full photo shoot of Kel quite literally Rockin’ the Frock in the very near future so keep your ear to the ground on that.

The venue was The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art on the Riverside right next to the Millennium Bridge. When we arrived we were greated with the warm welcoming faces of The Smyths or Emma Case and Pete Smyth to be precise. They had made the long journey from Birmingham to be at THE event of the year before heading back down the A1 to Nottingham for a Wedding they had booked the next day. Now thats commitment to the cause for you and big love to them for showing their support for the event like that.

Once at the entrance we were name checked and given a pretty name tag which really suited me I think, then handed a nice glass of bubbly which frankly didn’t last long at all in my possession! (can you see a tone setting here?) Once inside we took a look around and W.O.W! There was a sweet corner with cake pops, cupcakes and other little delights. A vintage corner with an old typewriter, telephone, pictures and beautiful seating. The cocktails were just delicious and such a selection (hence the hangover!). One of my favourites from the night. The burlesque dancers. I dragged Kel to the front for this one! The photo booth was definitely our favourite. With our new friends, Matt, Andy, Will and of course Dominique we rocked it by managing to fit all 7 of us in there! Now that’s good going!!!

We had such an amazing night meeting so many wonderful people. We came away with so much inspiration! I would like to end this post by saying a huge Thank you to the lady of the night. Annabel. You looked simply stunning and created the event of the year. We had such a wonderful evening! Head on over to Love My Dress for more detailed information about the event.

Here’s to the next!!!


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