A new Chapter: A personal post

I’m sat here at the computer drinking a cold bottle of Sol beer (without a darn lime), Fearne is tucked up cosy in bed and Kel is watching her beloved Emmerdale on the TV downstairs.  We are all here, we are all safe and well but there is a nervous tension in the air and that is because the future is frankly scary for us right now.

Those of you who know us will know that I (Paul) was made redundant from my day job on Monday morning.  Although business was up and down lately its still came as quite a shock especially with how the news came.  My day job consisted of working for my dad who was an owner driver for the UK’s largest Bed manufacturer.  We travelled around the country delivering beds to houses.  This Monday was the same as any other… (leave home at 05:30 and set off to Kent) that is until the phone rang at 07:30.  It was our transport manager saying that after Friday we will no longer need you, we have given your work out to another company to do… Oh!!!

After the initial shock of being told this, anger set in.  There were 5 owner drivers and 5 second men all out of work at a weeks notice.  My Dad had worked for this company for 37 years.  Worked through strikes at the company because he was a contractor.  Did over 50 hours a week for this company come rain, shine or snow.  Missed all the important days in his childrens lives like school sports days because he was out on the road for this company.  They re-paid this by telling him over the phone as he was driving at 56mph down the A1 on a busy Monday morning!!  Its despicable.  They had waited for us to set off on our weeks work knowing that they were going to make that call and hoped that we wouldn’t turn around with our loads and take them back.  My Dad and the other owner drivers are 100 times the people that they are because he didn’t turn around and take the load back he said “I’m not lowering myself to their level”.  I have to admit I would have turned around and taken the lot back and said “You deliver it then!!”

So, my plan… Well I wasn’t expecting to be in this position so soon thats for sure. I had a plan in my head and its all gone ‘Pete Tong’.  Ideally I would have liked another 6 months or so to build Paul Joseph Photography up some more,  to shoot some more cool families and get some beautiful weddings under my belt before making the jump.  It hasnt happened that way, I’ve been pushed so to say. BUT and its a big one, this will not deter me in pushing Paul Joseph Photography forward and nurturing it into a business that will be around for years to come. So I am now dedicating a lot more time to making Paul Joseph Photography into the business I’ve been thinking about these last 10 months.  There will be tough times ahead I am sure but I am looking forward to meeting the tough times head on and coming through the other side wiser, stronger and with awesome pictures of clients and their families to show that.

So if you like our work then tell a family member or a friend about Paul Joseph Photography.

Here’s to the future.

Paul  }


  • Ali Lovegrove · Posted August 19, 2011 at 11:37 pm · Link · Reply

    It’s a horrible world out there isn’t it? I think the recession is finally filtering down to ‘the little people’ now and everywhere I turn my family, my friends or good people such as yourselves are being either made redundant or running a business without getting any work in. Surely something has to give soon as I don’t know how we will survive. I applaud you for turning your redundancy into a life changing positive for you all and wish you so much success in the future. Everything happens for a reason – I have to tell myself this at least a few times a day just to get through to the next day – and in some way, this was meant to be for you and may have been the push you needed. I feel for your Dad, I hope her finds something soon which rewards his dedication. All the best to all three of you, Ali xx

  • Dominique · Posted August 19, 2011 at 11:44 pm · Link · Reply

    They say everything happens for a reason. Wishing you all the best. I’m sure you are going to be a big success :) xx

  • Linda Davey · Posted August 20, 2011 at 8:37 am · Link · Reply

    We’ve spoken about this and you sound so positive. As Ali said, to take a shite situation and turn it around is a massive step in the right direction. Working for yourself will still mean missing important days, but the upside is, you are your own boss and you get paid for doing what you love! Here’s to PJP and a very bright future. ‘Clink’ x

  • Tracey B · Posted August 21, 2011 at 9:34 am · Link · Reply

    I am a strong believer in things happening for a reason, horrid that being made redundant is; particularly in this manner, I am sure it will work in your favour for your new venture. This saying springs to mind ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger’….

    I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing your journey progress.

    T x

  • Steve · Posted August 21, 2011 at 9:48 am · Link · Reply

    Hi Paul. I had the same shock as you in 2009 and know how you must be feeling.  Initially it is shock then anger but use that energy initially to feed your motivation positively. To stay angry is a waste. I had been with a company for over 30 years – some may say time I left !  – when i was told my job had gone to cheap singaporean labour. Anyway I decided to start my photographic business and have never lost faith that hard work, determination and dedication will succeed. That is now slowly starting to happen. 
    Best of luck to you and try to see it as an opportunity not a hammer blow. Hang in there and never give up.

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New Business Cards

My previous Business cards were from the Dynamo Press side of Loxley Colour,  they were alright but didn’t showcase my work and I have since progressed my branding and blog a little.

So after viewing recommendations from other photographers on twitter I decided I was going to switch allegencies and give Moo a go.

People’s opinions were that Moo give amazing customer service and their products look and feel really high quality.  Over the last couple of months I have been adding some of my favourite pictures to my un-processed order until I felt I had enough to place the order with them.

That moment arrived last week so I put the order through, it was so easy to do and at the end of ordering you can announce to your social media friends on Facebook and Twitter that you have joined the Moo family by placing an order with them (a great touch I think!)

6 days later and a package was on my doorstep from Moo (3 days earlier than they said they would take I must add) What a great service!! I was like a kid on Christmas Day quickly ripping the package open. I ordered 100 cards and they came in boxes of 50, the boxes are made from recycled materials which is really good for the planet too,  When I opened the boxes I was over the moon with how they had all turned out.  Everyone was right, the Quality is stunning, really thick paper thats still flexible, the images were nice and sharp and the text clear and a good size.

I will most definately be Moo’ing in the future for my Business Cards and you should too.

Here are a few images I took earlier of the cards.

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The Art and Business of Portraiture Workshop with Trevor Yerbury

Yesterday I attended a Workshop held at Loxley Colour HQ,  It was all about the Art and Business of Portraiture and the Speaker was the award winning Photographer Trevor Yerbury.

Kelly had got me onto the workshop as my Christmas present and from the moment I read the letter I was excited about the day coming around.  For a few reasons really, firstly because I need to learn a hell of a lot about how to market myself  if I am going to make my dreams become a success and to help that dream pay.  Secondly because Trevor was the Speaker and with his Pedigree in Photography I knew I could take what he had to say very seriously and use it, but Thirdly it also got me back to Loxley Colour HQ.  I just love it there!!!

We travelled up on the Sunday as a family and stayed in Glasgow overnight.  We had a beautiful meal at The Burnbrae pub, and met quite a few lovely people in their too.

We got up early on the Morning of the Workshop and set off for Cumbernauld and Loxley HQ.  Once we arrived I joined the rest of the delegates attending the workshop and Kel wandered into the Showroom with Fearne to browse all the amazing products they offer.  She was then going off into Glasgow to probably make our bank balance slightly lighter.

Once we all got sat down in the Workshop Trevor and his Wife Faye introduced themselves and we got down to business (excuse the pun). Trevor went through the whole Portraiture industry by using the Life-cycle, Maternity – Newborn- Children – Teenagers – Adults – Family and even touched slightly on Boudoir I thought that was the best way to digest things.

Trevor and Faye had a beautiful Slideshow presentation with notes and images to help get what they were talking about across, Although Trevor did skip through the Baby Portraits a bit quicker as he admitted it wasn’t his favourite area of Portraiture.  What I liked about Trevor is he didn’t pull any punches, if he didn’t like an aspect of Photography he said so and I find that so refreshing.

He gave out some really useful information to us, he was honest and admitted it doesn’t always work in every area but, if you don’t try various marketing strategies then how will you know if they work or not.  I got some real Inspiration from what he expressed, some of what he said I have already started putting into practice but Trevor showed that there is so much more you can do to build your business and make it thrive.

At lunch we got a buffet laid on for us from the great guys at Loxley and then I took the tour of the Factory to see how any order I make with them gets processed and made.  I was surprised to learn that they do everything in house, from Framing to albums.  They had a printing machine on the Factory floor worth £500,000!!!  We even saw the little John Deere tractor with a plough on the front which had the job of clearing the snow in their manic period just before Christmas.

Back into the Workshop in the afternoon.  Trevor showed us his Lighting setup.  He mainly uses One light and One light only for his Portraits (See I took it on board Trevor) , no hair lights, kicker lights just one big yellow (because its 25 years old) softbox.  He also demonstrated using the Fresnel spotlight to get that Hollywood spotlight look.

He let everyone have a go at taking a couple of shots of Fredau and Zoe the two models for the Day, and he showed us what results he was getting on his Camera too.

4pm came around far too quickly and as Trevor had said at 4pm his mouth will be zipped shut and he’ll be on his way home.  So with that he said  Thank you and Goodbye.

After the workshop Kel and Fearne arrived and we took another look around the showroom to make some notes on the products we liked the most and what we feel our clients would love.  Eileen from the Showroom walked around with us talking in detail about all the various products. Loxley Colour are an amazing company and ever so  warm and welcoming to us every time we use them.  We will certainly be using them for the foreseeable future especially now we’ve seen the new Alumini and Edge Print products.  One word for them is stunning!!

I never did get to speak personally to Trevor or Faye outside of the workshop but I would really like to say thank you so so much.  I really enjoyed the day and took alot from it to inspire me to build my business.  One day when I get to where I’d like to be I will owe a lot of Credit to Trevor and Faye for their wisdom and knowledge.

Here are a couple of the images I took from the day.  I have given them a little bit of  a Yerbury look by going Black and White and adding some grain to the images.  I hope you like them.

Thanks for Reading

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  • Rachael · Posted January 25, 2011 at 9:37 pm · Link · Reply

    Love the write up and images ;) would love to have a look round loxleys :) x

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Boutique Cupcake shoot

    A couple of weeks ago, We did a shoot with a local company called Boutique Cupcake, The company is run by a lovely girl called Alice. Boutique Cupcake was originally started in Devon by Alice but she moved up to Yorkshire after falling in Love and Marrying a top bloke in Shaun, So now Alice is trying to re-establish her business in a new area.We first made contact with Alice through her Facebook fan page, Kel had been looking around on there, asking local companies if we could get involved with them and shoot some of their latest products and services. This helps in numerous ways for us, Mainly it gets us doing the thing we Love SHOOTING, but also it builds relationships and for us we see that as paramount to make our business grow. It also gives whoever we’re shooting for a chance to get great shots of the products they are so awesome at providing, and if someone asks them who to go to for photography then they just might recommend us.

    Alice was more than willing to get involved with us, and got together some themes for what she wanted to shoot on the day, The two themes were Summer Weddings and Valentines Day (I know this is a little early but remember to get your other half a card guys, You know you will never here the end of it!). So we organised with Alice a couple of weeks before to do the shoot at a local pub as we were doing the shoot in the morning and it wouldn’t be open until dinner.

    Now the couple of Days before the shoot we were probably chilling out around our house as Alice was working her heart out at home in her kitchen Baking and preparing, because when she walked through the door with the boxes of Cupcakes we were simply blown away at the quality and effort she had put into them, And I have to say it proved rather difficult to stop myself from sampling the little goodies before we got down to shooting.

    Onto the shooting and here is where the fun started, It was dark and wet outside and the pub had minimal and I mean minimal natural light, I think on the outside I showed I was fine but inside I wasn’t happy. But we had to make the best of what we had, I just bumped the ISO up a little to compensate and started shooting. We started on the Wedding Cupcakes first they were simply gorgeous, Lilac and Cream Butter cream on top and Butterfly decorations and a beautiful cake for the top tier of a mirrored stand that Alice had brought along.

    When we had finished with the table arrangement we got out a three step spiral stand that Kel and I had borrowed from a local Accessory shop run by a family friend. And we lined the steps with the Cupcakes. These shots I feel came out beautiful, they really went well together, a real Vintage theme…

    We then moved onto the Valentines Day Collection which had a couple of different styles, A polka dot bun case with Creamy yellow butter cream on top with a love heart sweet on top, then we had some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream and Red and White heart shapes on top. We re-used the Spiral stand for a few shots and then I moved on to another prop I brought along which was 8 inch high brushed aluminium ceramic letters spelling the Word L O V E, Probably bought from next and used as a house ornament.

    By now the light was getting much better and we were working as closely to the window without physically being outside, and I was now in the flow alot more, I got a moment of inspiration and decided to put one of the cupcakes inside the middle of the letter O, took a shot and was immediately impressed! We shot various adaptations of the layout just to see what worked but overall these shots just Worked!!!

    The last collection of cupcakes we laid out some red chiffon on top of some cream table cloth and made an arrangement up with cupcakes and another beautiful cake in the middle and I got on with taking the shots again.

    By now it was coming up to pub opening time so we quickly packed up our things, Alice gave us some cupcakes to eat at home, left a load on the bar for the punters and also kept some for herself, A really nice thing to do I say.

    So Thank You Alice they were delicious.

    I have taken a different approach to Alice I am sure as to how I have developed the images to showcase here on my blog but I wanted to try a few new things in Lightroom So I have gone with some really Vintage style images, Some pinky dreamy images and also some Deep Red and Romantic images.

    If you run a business and you want us to shoot your product then get in touch we would love to help you out.


  • nadine burzler · Posted January 23, 2011 at 10:25 pm · Link · Reply

    Those cupcakes look guuuud Yummmm ;-P

  • Rachael · Posted January 23, 2011 at 11:01 pm · Link · Reply

    I agree with nadine :) lovely pics x my favourite is the pink love one with the cupcake in the “o” x

  • Ann · Posted January 23, 2011 at 11:28 pm · Link · Reply

    Ace pictures you feel you could reach up & touch the cup cakes. Excellent

  • Photo Shoot | Boutique Cupcake · Posted January 29, 2011 at 10:52 pm · Link · Reply

    [...] recently had an amazing photo shoot done by Paul Joseph Photography, we wanted to showcase a summer wedding and Valentines theme and we were so pleased with the shots [...]

  • Saadia Me*Chel · Posted January 31, 2011 at 11:27 pm · Link · Reply

    Love the cupcakes in the word LOVE very creative!

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