What's coming up in March 2011 for us.

Hey folks,

Today’s blog post is just to update you on what we’ve been doing and what your likely to see in the next few weeks on the blog.

Yesterday we got our Second wedding booking of the year. One of my oldest friends contacted us about shooting their wedding in September so we organised to call round their place on Saturday and have a chat over a brew and hobnobs. We had a good catch up and discussed their plans. They loved what we had to say so they booked with us the day after. Tom and Katy make such a wonderful couple and we’re pleased as punch to be able to be part of their wedding day.

A couple of weeks ago we did our first maternity shoot for a close friend of ours. It was on location which was really cool and something that is slightly different from maternity shoots we’ve seen in the past. We should be blogging some images in the next week or so.

Also, a week back I shot at my first wedding as a second shooter for a fellow photographer Roz who runs Heaven Sent Images. The Wedding was at the beautiful Oulton Hall in Leeds. WOW. What a stunning Venue!! I really appreciate that Roz let me shoot along side her and she hasn’t seen me as her competition but more of a friend who just may be able to help each other out in a bad situation. Unfortunately, I cant blog those images as I don’t own the rights to them but I can assure you it was a great day. Beautiful weather helped tremendously and the couple looked amazing. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom.

Next week I am shooting a van for a local company who does mobile smart repairs. It’s something really challenging but I’m immensely looking forward to it. It’s going to involve mobile flash kit, urban areas and hopefully some moody skies if it all comes together how I visualise it. Most of what I’ll be doing I’ve never done before so its all trial and error…

The week after I am heading out with a family to Ripley Castle near Ripon for a day of Lifestyle photography. Ellen, the mum of the family contacted me a month or so ago about it and we have arranged to go there as its a very special place for the family as Mum and Dad got married there. It’s going to be a fun filled day and I cant wait! Dry Weather please though…

On the 26th I’m helping Roz out again for the day this time at Wentworth House at Pontefract. From what I’ve seen of the venue on the internet it looks a pretty special place too so I shall be looking most handsome again if that’s possible… On the Sunday I am hopefully shooting a local musician out on location, again with mobile flash so it will be really cool. I have some ideas and inspiration floating around for it so it should go well.

Back to this weekend and it was a quiet one really. Kelly was at work with her day job so Fearne and I were left to our own devices. We went swimming and then took a walk down the canal to East Riddlesden Hall. There was a wedding fair on and a couple of photographer friends from twitter had a showcase stand for the day. Barnaby Aldrick was one. I’ve met Barnaby before and love his work, he’s a really cool guy who’s willing to share his thoughts with you. I’m hoping to do some shooting with him soon as he does some cool stuff with ‘Urban Exploration Photography’ but we’ll see. Also there was Shelly from Toast of Leeds. I had said I was going to Shelly so she told me to come armed with biccies so that’s exactly what I did, the good ‘ol Hobnobs made another appearance!! I haven’t been following Shelly for too long on twitter but she is someone who follows you back if you add her and will enter conversation with you no matter who you are. A wonderful lady with an amazing style to her photography. It was great to put a face to her name and work and to have a chat with her about the fun and difficulties in photography.

On the way back down the canal Fearne and I stopped to watch the ducks playing, and whilst she was watching I managed to get this picture.

Have a great week…


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