Baby Izzy and Family

Newborns are a real treat to capture as a photographer, for starters they can’t run away from you but you just get a warm fuzzy feeling that you are documenting some of a babies first moments in life for a family, its something I love doing and will look forward to doing many more newborn shoots in the future.

We are really good friends with little Izzy’s mummy and daddy and I was lucky enough to do a maternity shoot with Mummy Sarah which you can see here,  Sarah then asked if we would do a newborn shoot and also take a few family shots of them too.

I shoot all my newborn work natural light and I knew before hand that I was going to have plenty of light available to me at their house as they have some really big windows that let plenty of light in.  It was dinner time when we arrived so Sarah being Sarah made us some lunch while the rest of the family had theirs.  After lunch we got our game face on and started shooting,  Izzy’s older sister Sophie was in great spirits dancing and playing around in between watching a little bit of Finding Nemo so I was snapping away at her and having a blast taking pics under some chiffon which we had brought along with us.

Some of the cutest newborn shots are of baby asleep but Izzy knew our game and wasn’t having any of it but what she didn’t realise was that I had a plan B, so we took the whole family upstairs to Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom to get some family shots and some of Sophie and Izzy together,  these are my favourites from the day, Super Cute!!!

By now Izzy was getting a little tired of the modelling for us and had decided to take a nap so we took our opportunity to get some shots of her in a wicker basket,  she was in the most deliciously cute positions for us to get some great shots, we then added in some shots of her wearing a Hand crocheted pixie hat made by the very talented Mary Aitchison of Hand Crochet Babywear by Mary.  One or two little accidents were had whilst Izzy was nappy-less but thats something we are always prepared for and make the family aware that its fine with us if our equipment gets a little messy, to get great shots you have to be prepared to have to do a little machine washing when you come away.

Towards the end of the shoot Izzy woke up so we used the time we had left to get a few intimate shots of Daddy cuddling and playing with Izzy and also Mummy getting a big smoochy kiss from her new little girl too.

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The Beauty of Maternity

There is nothing more beautiful than the female body, and especially the female body during pregnancy.  The usual curves a woman has along with a beautifully shaped bump is something that should be photographed I feel.  Most women hate their bodies during pregnancy but they really shouldn’t, it should be embraced whilst its upon you, after all your developing a life inside you which is a miracle in itself and this only happens for 40 weeks.

Whilst attending the Trevor Yerbury seminar in January on the art of Portraiture, Maternity was covered in a bit of detail and it was an area I found really appealing,  some of the shots Trevor had taken were truly beautiful and were from both on location and in studio.

The photographs really inspired me and being at the age we are we are lucky enough to have friends around us that are pregnant,  Sarah is one of those friends so we asked her if we could have some fun and take some shots of her.  She was really daring and said she would love to.

Faye Yerbury had said at the seminar that the best time to photograph a expectant mother is in the last two weeks of pregnancy as the bump is likely to have dropped giving a more beautiful and curved shape to the body, so we arranged to do the shoot at 39 weeks.

We originally arranged to do the shoot at Sarah’s house but plans were changed and it was decided we were going to do the shoot at Sarah’s mum’s house instead. We had planned to use studio lights and a black background and do some similar shots to what Trevor had done previously but because we we now going to a different place we thought about the plan a little differently.

Sarah’s mum’s house is stunning with a real country theme with beautiful furnishings and decor, we just had to integrate the surroundings into the shoot and that is just what we decided to do.  I knew it would add a different feel to the shoot but I was kinda pleased about that as I aren’t a big fan of the kissing the belly/Hands shaped in a love heart on the belly type shots.

As a treat to Sarah we got our make up artist Faye to come along and do Sarah’s Hair and Make up,  this is something we’ll offer to all our clients in the future as we want the client to feel great about themselves and also why not get pampered for a photo shoot??

We hired some lights just in case we needed them,  an Elinchrom BXRI 500/250 kit with an octa 130 soft box and a 22 inch beauty dish to be precise.

On the day Sarah and her mum Lynda made us all a lovely buffet lunch and Lynda then let me loose on some carrot cake she has made, I’m such a sucker for Carrot cake!!

Here are a few of the images from the day,   The first few shots are natural light as the living room was a wash with it from some french windows and you will see that I used the hired lights on the last few images in the set, the only modifier used in the images is the 22 inch beauty dish with a grid inside to give that lovely silhouette look showing off Sarah’s beautiful curves.

This Blog post is a little late in going online as on the day Sarah was supposed to give me her preferred pictures to use on here she went into labour and on the 12th March 2011 Baby Isabel Joy was born, I have also been privileged to do some newborn shots of Isabel, so I’ll share a little picture of her with you to show how goregeous she is, Congratulations to all the family.

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  • Katherine Ashdown · Posted March 27, 2011 at 5:24 pm · Link · Reply

    Gorgeous! Love them! My faves are the ones at the end the dark one on the stairs but all so beautiful and atmospheric. Love the baby pic at the end two what a cutie!

  • Fanni · Posted March 27, 2011 at 6:12 pm · Link · Reply

    Really lovely! Great work Paul! :))

  • Monica Simone · Posted March 29, 2011 at 3:33 am · Link · Reply

    Beautifully captured Paul!

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Our first newborn shoot – Honor Rae

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of doing our first Newborn Photo shoot,  Baby Honor Rae was 14 days old when we visited her at her home.

We had a really fun time taking the pictures, Honor Rae’s Mummy and Daddy made us feel welcome and were Sooo patient and willing with us to get some great shots through the day.  We had seen some lovely shots involving props so we went out before the shoot and got ourselves a wicker basket and also from being good friends with fellow Photographer Rachael Pereira we had seen these Super cute Hand Crotchet products made by Hand Crotchet Baby wear by Mary so we had to get a gorgeous hat for the shoot.

We were taking pictures from all sorts of different angles but throughout Honor Rae performed for the camera wonderfully, she was like a seasoned pro!  We took the odd break for Honor Rae to have a feed and even had unexpected break from proceedings as she decided she was going to have a little poo whilst we were doing some nuddy shots but it was nothing we hadn’t expected to come across during the shoot and it gave everyone a little giggle for a few minutes too.

We had taken some inspiration from some other Newborn photographers images and decided to try some of these poses out too, Some worked, Some didn’t but its all about trial and error for us to be able to get better at what we do.

One of my Favourite shots is the one where Honor Rae is cradled in her Daddies arms, It looks so beautiful.

Grandma even arrived, helped out and got in on the action too. The shot where their is 3 generations in the image is beautiful and shows so much Love.

We would like to say a big Thank You to Honor Rae, her Mummy, Daddy and her Grandma for giving us the privilege of capturing the beginning of a Life and I hope we can capture many more stages of Honor Rae’s life.

Paul and Kelly


  • Dennis Stanley · Posted February 22, 2011 at 3:39 pm · Link · Reply

    These images are superb….

    • pauljos1 · Posted February 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm · Link · Reply

      Thankyou Dennis, Your work is beautiful too

  • Monica Simone · Posted February 23, 2011 at 12:57 am · Link · Reply

    Beautifully captured!

    • pauljos1 · Posted February 23, 2011 at 6:12 pm · Link · Reply

      Thankyou Monica

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Kelly’s January 365 collection

I have just taken day 31 of my 365 project and I am feeling rather proud of myself.  Not only because I have actually stuck with it for a full month but because I am really, really enjoying doing it too.  I have had so much fun taking some of the pictures and I can’t wait to learn more and really try start to show off what I can do.

In January I wanted to concentrate on discovering how the camera works.  Paul has sat with me loads explaining more about ISO, aperture, Lightroom, lenses and general photography.  It has been so mind boggling at times.  I have started to understand a little more about what I need to do to get that perfect picture.

I have been quite lucky that this month both Paul and I have had 2 weeks off work to be able to really get stuck into trying to make our business work.  It’s been a really hard 2 weeks but I feel that we have achieved so much.  We have lots of ideas to work on and have started the marketing side of the business.  All in all it’s been a fantastic start to 2011.

I have stumbled across so many lovely people through photography.  I have not met hardly any of them yet I still feel like I know them so well.  The internet is a fantastic tool.  Twitter, Facebook and Flickr have become the places that both Paul and I are finding the most amazing people and have organised to meet up with a few of them in the future.

There are three young ladies that I have been following and messaging through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr called Alex Beadon, Fanni Williams and Saadia Mechel.  All 3 of them are doing the 365 project and their work is awesome and so very different.  My work is no where near to their standard but following them on their journey only makes me more determined to be as good and try to be a little more imaginative with what my subject is.

In February I would like to continue with learning about how the camera works and try to master Photoshop and Lightroom a little more.  I don’t want to try and set myself a crazy target for the month as I am only a beginner.

Over the years Paul has collected 100’s of photography magazines and CD tutorials.  My aim this month is to try and watch at least 2 a week.  I want to try and learn how to use layers and masks and maybe experiment a little more with light.  At the end of February I want to be able to feel at total comfort using the camera so I can then try to start working with the magic of Photoshop and Lightroom.

The thing that has amazed me most is that I have taken over 800 hundred shots this month!  I don’t think I took that many for the whole of last year.  I probably took that many on the point and shoot but not the SLR.

We have a very busy month in February with photography which is going to be so much fun but at the same time very challenging.

I also have a couple of projects in mind which I am going to try and complete in March and one in May.  The one in May that I have in mind is going to take a lot of time and organisation but will be awesome if it comes together (fingers and toes crossed!).

So that’s my January 31/365 complete.  Roll on February!!!


  • Alex · Posted January 31, 2011 at 10:17 pm · Link · Reply

    It is so great to be surrounded by so many amazing photographers like yourselves, especially while doing the 365! A bit of motivation and inspiration is sometimes all I need to keep going :) It’s been hard but SO beneficial! Can’t wait to see what the two of you have in store for your business in 2011 :) :) xxx

  • Saadia Me*Chel · Posted January 31, 2011 at 11:26 pm · Link · Reply

    You are off to a really great start. I love drawing inspiration from other photographers! I think it’s a good way to keep yourself fresh. Can’t wait to see what next month has in store for your 365 Project! :-)

  • Fanni Williams · Posted February 1, 2011 at 7:22 am · Link · Reply

    Thank you so much for including me in your blog post! I am so glad that we are all able to inspire & support each other in this fun but sometimes daunting 365 challenge! Sounds like you both have many exciting plans ahead, both for yourselves and your business and I look forward to seeing your amazing results :) thank you again x

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The Art and Business of Portraiture Workshop with Trevor Yerbury

Yesterday I attended a Workshop held at Loxley Colour HQ,  It was all about the Art and Business of Portraiture and the Speaker was the award winning Photographer Trevor Yerbury.

Kelly had got me onto the workshop as my Christmas present and from the moment I read the letter I was excited about the day coming around.  For a few reasons really, firstly because I need to learn a hell of a lot about how to market myself  if I am going to make my dreams become a success and to help that dream pay.  Secondly because Trevor was the Speaker and with his Pedigree in Photography I knew I could take what he had to say very seriously and use it, but Thirdly it also got me back to Loxley Colour HQ.  I just love it there!!!

We travelled up on the Sunday as a family and stayed in Glasgow overnight.  We had a beautiful meal at The Burnbrae pub, and met quite a few lovely people in their too.

We got up early on the Morning of the Workshop and set off for Cumbernauld and Loxley HQ.  Once we arrived I joined the rest of the delegates attending the workshop and Kel wandered into the Showroom with Fearne to browse all the amazing products they offer.  She was then going off into Glasgow to probably make our bank balance slightly lighter.

Once we all got sat down in the Workshop Trevor and his Wife Faye introduced themselves and we got down to business (excuse the pun). Trevor went through the whole Portraiture industry by using the Life-cycle, Maternity – Newborn- Children – Teenagers – Adults – Family and even touched slightly on Boudoir I thought that was the best way to digest things.

Trevor and Faye had a beautiful Slideshow presentation with notes and images to help get what they were talking about across, Although Trevor did skip through the Baby Portraits a bit quicker as he admitted it wasn’t his favourite area of Portraiture.  What I liked about Trevor is he didn’t pull any punches, if he didn’t like an aspect of Photography he said so and I find that so refreshing.

He gave out some really useful information to us, he was honest and admitted it doesn’t always work in every area but, if you don’t try various marketing strategies then how will you know if they work or not.  I got some real Inspiration from what he expressed, some of what he said I have already started putting into practice but Trevor showed that there is so much more you can do to build your business and make it thrive.

At lunch we got a buffet laid on for us from the great guys at Loxley and then I took the tour of the Factory to see how any order I make with them gets processed and made.  I was surprised to learn that they do everything in house, from Framing to albums.  They had a printing machine on the Factory floor worth £500,000!!!  We even saw the little John Deere tractor with a plough on the front which had the job of clearing the snow in their manic period just before Christmas.

Back into the Workshop in the afternoon.  Trevor showed us his Lighting setup.  He mainly uses One light and One light only for his Portraits (See I took it on board Trevor) , no hair lights, kicker lights just one big yellow (because its 25 years old) softbox.  He also demonstrated using the Fresnel spotlight to get that Hollywood spotlight look.

He let everyone have a go at taking a couple of shots of Fredau and Zoe the two models for the Day, and he showed us what results he was getting on his Camera too.

4pm came around far too quickly and as Trevor had said at 4pm his mouth will be zipped shut and he’ll be on his way home.  So with that he said  Thank you and Goodbye.

After the workshop Kel and Fearne arrived and we took another look around the showroom to make some notes on the products we liked the most and what we feel our clients would love.  Eileen from the Showroom walked around with us talking in detail about all the various products. Loxley Colour are an amazing company and ever so  warm and welcoming to us every time we use them.  We will certainly be using them for the foreseeable future especially now we’ve seen the new Alumini and Edge Print products.  One word for them is stunning!!

I never did get to speak personally to Trevor or Faye outside of the workshop but I would really like to say thank you so so much.  I really enjoyed the day and took alot from it to inspire me to build my business.  One day when I get to where I’d like to be I will owe a lot of Credit to Trevor and Faye for their wisdom and knowledge.

Here are a couple of the images I took from the day.  I have given them a little bit of  a Yerbury look by going Black and White and adding some grain to the images.  I hope you like them.

Thanks for Reading

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  • Rachael · Posted January 25, 2011 at 9:37 pm · Link · Reply

    Love the write up and images ;) would love to have a look round loxleys :) x

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A sneak peek of Baby Honor

Today saw me tackling my first Newborn baby photoshoot, I was nervous beforehand about how it would pan out but as soon as me and Kelly arrived we were made to feel Soooo Welcome by Honor Rae’s Mummy and Daddy Jeannette and Arron, We had a cup of Yorkshire’s finest Tea in our hands before we could say ‘Stick us Kettle on’.

One thing I must say about Newborn Phorography is that you cant put a timescale on the shoot, and to be honest I never will. I’ll stay as long as it takes to get the right shots, after all it is Babies first time at modelling for all to see.

Here is just one of my shots from today, I will blog the rest soon.

Thanks for reading.


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