Evan’s Big Ball

I was asked by a friend Nicola Cunningham if I was busy on the 9th October to do the photography for a charity Ball called Evan’s Big Journey. Evan is a little boy who lives locally to us, He has Cerebral Palsy and to improve his everyday life his Family want him to have an operation called SDR or Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. For Evan to receive the operation his family have to take him across the pond to St Louis Children’s Hospital and also need £50,000 to fund it, So Evan’s Big Journey charity was born and the fundraising began. Read more »


  • Donna Westfall · Posted November 20, 2010 at 8:48 pm · Link · Reply

    Fantastic night, fantastic photos, fantastic photographer you are living your dream Mr C so believe it x

  • Rachael · Posted December 2, 2010 at 7:12 pm · Link · Reply

    Great pictures Paul! What a worthy cause – so great that so much money was raised. I love your write up too. Great job!

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Excitment, Plans and Burgers

We (Paul, Me and Fearne) were in Burger King eating Whopper Meals in Leeds on Friday 1st October when we first got the phone call from Donna. She had been contacted by her friend Nicola who wanted Pauls details to do the photography the week after at the Rendevouz, Skipton for Evans Ball.

OMG—Someone wanted Paul to take the photography for a really important charity event. I was so excited and full of butterflies. Poor Paul. I just agreed to it straight away and didn’t really ask him. I told him!!! This would be a great opportunity for us to build up our portfolio and get us on the track of becoming pro photographers.

Straight away we talked for hours about what equipment we would hire, what we could borrow, what we needed. Those hours were a blur but exciting. I had to admit I liked the idea that I would be working alongside my husband, although I didn’t wanna tell him that!!

That weekend would be a busy one for us but mainly Paul. He was away on the Friday in Sussex doing a car photography workshop. The Saturday would be time as a family with Fearne our daughter and Daisy our dog and Saturday night Evans’ Ball. Then on Sunday we were hiring a studio to take some family shots of our friends and family. It would also be our second wedding anniversary but that would have to take back seat this year as building the portfolio definitely comes first.

We hired 3 lenses that weekend for the events.

50mm 1.4 USM

24-70mm 2.8l

70-200mm 2.8l

We also borrowed some lights from a fellow photographer (who we also hired the studio from), camera and flash from Pauls uncle Geoff.

So we were kind of ready. Oh, the mix of nerves was untrue. I felt sick! I wasn’t gonna show that to Paul. He was nervous as it was. God only knows the emotions and feelings of photographers when they do weddings. I definitely admire you.

I thought photography was just, ‘Point, smile,shoot’, how wrong was I…..

Kelly x

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