Sabah Website shoot

Over the past couple of months I have been working closely with a Leather Clothing manufacturer in Manchester called Sabah.  They asked me if I would shoot some of their garments for their new upcoming website.

Our friend Kate is a Sales rep with Sabah and recommended me to Ash the owner.  We set up a meeting so we could go through what they were looking for and to make sure we were going to make a great team.  From the moment we started discussions with Ash, Kate and Shauna I knew we were onto a great little project.

Over the following  couple of months we sorted out all the details like Models, a studio and the clothing they wanted to showcase.  I’m not going to say this was easy because it wasn’t!  Models proved hard to find by either being un-available or out of the projects budget this then meant being  difficult to pick an exact date to do the shoot because of the uncertainty, but with hard effort from all involved we got Models and a date confirmed!!

As Sabah are based in Manchester we decided to find a studio in Manchester to use.  Kel and I had already been to one studio when we went on the Rosie Hardy Workshop and the studio was great so we decided to use it again.  The studio is called ‘The Red Door Studios’ and is owned by Kellianne Chandler.   Kellianne was ever so helpful and really relaxed about us using her studio.  Thanks so Much Kellianne.

Models were left to Kate and Shauna from Sabah and they did a great job in finding Kirsty and Tony.  It later turned out that it was both their first time modelling too!!

On the day of the shoot we were introduced to a couple more people who were helping the project come together.  Faye was our Make up Artist and Harry was another Sabah employee who was in charge of styling.  Harry and Faye are also really good friends which was great as they could help the team work together well.

We had decided on using a grey background as Sabah didn’t want a Family portrait style white and black wouldn’t really have worked too well with showcasing the Leather garments to their best. Kellianne had all sorts of different colour roll backgrounds and even got a new white roll delivered should we have decided to use one.

Into the shooting and we started off with simple looks and good clean, fresh make up and then built up from there. Its always best to do that as both the Model and Me need to get into the groove of the shoot, I’ve always got my better shots between the middle  and the end of a session.

We did a few looks and then took a break for lunch.  Sabah were great and ordered in some great buffet food from an outside caterer.  You’ll find out other the coming months that Kel and I love our grub, Kelly the savoury stuff and me the sweet.

Into the afternoon we got more adventourous with the styles and make up, we were into our groove and the last image below of Kirsty we got in literally 4 shots.

Kirsty and Tony did an amazing job for us to say it was their first time.  Kirsty is going to go far with modelling. I just hope you remember little ‘ol Paul Joseph Photography when your working Milan or London.  Tony took a little time warming up to things but did a top job in the end.  I know his mates have been ribbing him about doing a bit of modelling but it was great to see he had the bottle to come and get involved.

Out of all the images I’ve included below I must say, my favourite is the one with both Tony and Kirsty wearing the white shirts with leather jacket thrown over the shoulder and leather shorts on Kirsty.

A massive thank you goes to Kate for getting me on-board with Sabah‘s project.  She’s a star!  Thank you also to Faye, Harry, Shauna and Kelly for making it all come together on the day and Rockin’ it… What a Team!

Take a look through the images and let me know what you think.  Once the website is live I’ll do a mini blog post with a couple of screen captures for you.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend




  • Saadia Me*Chel · Posted February 28, 2011 at 12:40 am · Link · Reply

    I like a lot! Great job! :-)

    • Paul · Posted March 2, 2011 at 11:19 pm · Link · Reply

      Thank you Saadia I am Sooo pleased with the results.

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