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Last week Kelly was checking out twitter to see what all our Photographer friends and all the other cool people that are associated with twitter were up too.  One of our friends on twitter is Alex Beadon, she is one cool lady and her work is flippin’ awesome,  she had posted to her blog that she  would like to give herself a challenge every week (I think she thinks she’s a 21st century Challenge Anneka lol) but wanted to get others involved so asked her blog readers to join in and send their images from the same challenge to her and then she would feature them all on her blog,

The challenge was to post an inspirational note to a tree. It could say anything you wanted it too and the aim was to make someone else look at it and smile.

Kelly got straight in there with her ideas deliberating what she was going to say on the note and where she was going to take the picture, eventually she decided that seen as the tree had to wear the note she might as well let the tree get the love so wrote “HUG ME” she then decided to pin it to a tree outside her work.  She liked her image sooo much she decided to also use it as her 365 image for that day. Here is her final image…

I on the other hand don’t normally get into this sort of thing but something inside me just said why the hell not, I had a spare 5 minutes and the camera at hand so I got out an old brown envelope, a green pen, and some ribbon ready to assemble my note.  Whilst thinking what to write I was listening to Itunes, I am currently loving Kate Rusby and I had made a playlist of similar songs to her genre, and in that list was a song called Everybody Knows by The Divine Comedy and one of the lyrics of the song is ‘Everybody knows I live for you” I thought it was a beautiful sentence so I adapted it and went for “Every Day I live for you” which I find even more poignant seen as a tree does live every day day for us providing us with the very air we breathe.

I then scribled down the words hurredly and dashed outside the house to the nearest tree and tied the note to the tree with the ribbon.  6 shots later and I was back inside,  imported the images to Lightroom and made a few tweaks here and there and came up with my final image. Here it is for you…

We would love your thoughts and opinions on both photographs, so please comment below.

Alex will be doing more challenges over the coming weeks, Kelly will probably take them up, I may do on occassion if Im really inspired by it but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for us posting our results.

I cant recommend enough that you head on over to Alex’s blog at http://www.alexbeadonphotography.com/blog/ and check out her catalog of blog posts, I guarantee that you will love what you see and may even bookmark it as one of your favourites to visit.

Happy Mothers Day x


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  • Alex · Posted April 5, 2011 at 3:41 pm · Link · Reply

    Thank you both so much for joining in on this one! You guys totally rocked this one. I can’t decide which photo I love more. I love Kelly’s for the cutesy factor of tree hugging :) It just makes me smile :) And I love yours, Paul, for the beautiful words and how they could be meant from one lover to another, or from the tree to the people around it. I love them both. Fantastic work! I will be posting details of challenge 2 today! So keep an eye out for it! :)

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