I am not sure what age children develop their friendship circles but this friendship circle has been going for a few years now. Meet Lilly and Natasha. These two girls are Fearne’s Best Friends. They also happen to be twins and Paul’s best friends also happen to be twins! (Little fact for you there.)

Lilly, Tasha + Fearne have bundles of energy when they are together. All with their own little personalities. Lilly runs, jumps and has absolutely no fear. Tasha is a little quieter and likes to watch, she is so funny and is always questioning. Fearne is loud, boisterous and caring. These three together are nuts. All those personalities rolling into one!

This week we have been swapping sleep overs and last night it was our turn. Tantrums, arguments, tiredness, nettle stings, singing Little Mix, watching Home Alone (don’t judge), eating cherries, walking Twiggy, screaming to go faster on the roundabout, laughing, paddling in the river. We tried to fit a lot into tire these three out. Last evening before we went on our walk Kel said to Paul, ‘Take the camera. It is not often we do some personal stuff’.  So we did and it felt good. It’s too often we forget to photograph Fearne. When we have free time we put the cameras down and just use our iPhones. These images were taken in just 30 minutes and we love them. The girls and we had so much fun! It was also refreshing to shoot these three balls of energy and trust us, we had to be quick.

I hope the three amigos (as Kel calls them) stay in touch and remain friends for a long time. I hope they look back on these images and remember the fun times of being a kid as in the blink of an eye they won’t be kids no more.

30 minutes with Fearne, Lilly and Tasha looked a little like this…..This is what Childrens Photography is all about


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Childrens Photography – Best Friends