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Rather than talking you all to death about the year that was 2012, we’re just going to give you a few highs and lows from 2012 and then list a few dreams, aspirations and expectations for the year ahead for us then, we’ll let the images talk. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank our families, friends business associates and most importantly our clients for your continued faith and support in helping us achieve our goals.

2012 brought some real highs, I (Paul) have finally been able to turn my attentions to business full time in recent weeks. We’ve ended up shooting more weddings than we had originally set as our target and we have got to learn from and work with some of the best wedding photographers out there. We have become recommended photographers to two great wedding venues. We have had our first website go live and it has been given praise by some of our industry peers for being so fitting to our style. We got to meet Bayly and Moore who created our ‘About Us’ video and who we adore and have now become friends with. We have had our work featured on some of the UK’s best wedding blogs. Boho wedding blog has taken on 3 of our clients for her diary of a boho bride feature

Lows have thankfully been few and far between this year but we have had one or two. For a while in the middle of the year whilst working away from home all week and shooting and editing weddings at weekends I started to forget wether I was coming or going. Deadlines slipped and catching up has been hard work. Social life has taken a nosedive as being a wedding photographer means our weekends are taken up with photography. We’ve missed out on events but because we have some great friends who believe in what we do they hopefully understand. Family life has been great, but due to schedules we have had less time than we would of liked as a family unit which as you can see has resulted in not so many personal pictures in this post. This is something that we intend to work on for 2013.

We believe that having goals is good to keep us striving for to become a better creative wedding photographer. Our prospective wedding totals have gone up again for this year, hopefully, by the end of the year, Kelly will have a bigger role in the business. We have one or two business and personal projects that we would love to become a reality this year. If there is a great opportunity to learn from photographers who we admire then we will take it to better ourselves. Hopefully, Kelly will give me the go-ahead to purchase a new canon 5D mark III and a posh coffee machine (thanks to Shelly our photographer buddy for helping me discover my love for coffee) to keep me working away through the day. Most importantly we are very much looking forward to getting awesome wedding pictures for all our 2013 couples and having loads of fun along the way.

2012 through our eyes…

2013-01-08_00102013-01-08_0001Creative Wedding Photographer2013-01-08_0003Creative Wedding Photographer_0022013-01-08_00052013-01-08_00062013-01-08_00082013-01-08_0009

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  1. Zoe says:

    Oh er

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOOOOOOOOW!!!! I LOVE THESE (yes I did just shout that) LOVE LOVE LOVE them <3 xx can not wait to see what you get up to in 2013 x

  2. shelly says:

    Lovely stuff kids. It’s been a pleasure to have you along second shooting me in 2012… but it makes me sad also cos you’ll be so busy and crazy successful in 2013 that we won’t get to work together quite so often.

    I’m so glad I’ve at least passed on my coffee addiction and I look forward to being invited round for a flat white soon.

    Wish you both lots of love, luck and many many awesome weddings in 2013.

    Love you guys. xx

  3. So many lovely photos – you guys really rocked it this year. Fab work both of you!

  4. Joanne says:

    I still can’t quite believe that we’re going to be lucky enough to have you as our wedding photographers and that some of your fabulous photos will be on display in our home in just a matter of months.
    2013 is going to be amazing!!

  5. WOW, you guys rock! Fab set of images to sum up 2012, I know 2013 will be awesome for you both!! Love your work. x

  6. Fan Bloody Tastic! what a great year for you! These images shwo what a great eye you have and real creativity in your work. You should be really proud of yourself xxxxx

  7. Wow… what a set of images! Amazing. So happy for you both and I know this year is going to be even better for you. You’ve worked damn hard and totally deserve it. xxx

  8. What an amazing year for you guys! Such a pleasure to have met you and I hope to work with you very soon. Here’s to a fantastic 2013! much love xx

  9. You guys! Amazing. What a fan-bloody-tastic year. And 2013 is going to be bigger and better. FULL of awesome I’d say. Can’t wait to see. x

  10. I’ve just come across your work, and loved looking through this lot. You’ve got a great eye!

  11. Aaron says:

    Are you serious? These are pure magic! LOVE your work

  12. Kelly Boyd says:

    Some really fantastic images here!

  13. What a fabulous year for you!
    My favourite is the bride & groom in front of the big octopus! Amazing!
    Well done!

  14. David Fleet says:

    Brilliant. What a year.

  15. Great work guys! So happy to see little us appear twice on your blog.. twice ha! That Fer shop was the nuts! All the best for New Year guys 🙂 So proud to call you my friends 🙂 xx

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