Robyn + Shane – Industrial London Wedding

Industrial London Wedding s are our thing and when we get to shoot them we are completely in our element. It was no different when we shot at 06 St.Chad’s Place last year especially when you have one hell of an amazing couple like Robyn + Shane.  One hell of a couple and 06 St Chad’s Place is one hell of a venue too.  I mean, who has a real pineapple in their bouquet?  That will be Robyn! (FLIPPING ACE HEY?)

Robyn + Shane had originally enquired with another photographer but he was booked and kindly passed on our details (massive thanks Sam Docker!).  When we skyped with these guys we knew instantly that we would get on like a house on fire. We thought what great people they were and we were not wrong.

Kelly headed off to a lovely London boozer across the road from Stoke Newington Town Hall.  All the wedding guests headed here to meet Shane before everyone walked across to the ceremony location.

Paul headed to bride prep at The Town Hall Hotel (this is another amazing place and they also hold weddings here too!) where Robyn had her hair and make up beautifully done in by Lipstick and Curls.  The bouquet arrived from Rebel Rebel and it had a real frickin’ pineapple in it!

The ceremony was full of fun and laughter.  Chas + Dave was one of the readings which had everyone including ourselves in stitches.  Tears were rolling from Kelly’s eyes at the back.  After the ceremony R+S were showered with a tonne of confetti before everyone headed onto the routemaster bus.  The routemaster took us all to St.Chads.

The sun shone and bounced from all the buildings around this wonderful Industrial Wedding Venue and we took full advantage of those London streets and managed to get some of our favourite ever portraits of these guys.

Food was served and quickly devoured and then the amazing speeches began. They included Shane singing to Robyn and Robyn herself standing up and  making a wonderful speech for the record, bride speeches absolutely ROCK.  As the sunlight crept down the London brick walls the music got cranked up to 11 and the whole wedding crowd partied and danced like no one was watching with Robyn’s brother spinning some vinyl records.

We could talk about this wedding for hours on end because it was quite bloody wonderful.  Massive thanks to R+S for buying us a cocktail and asking us to stay on and have a boogie.  Which we did.

We Love you guys!

Here are a selection of our favourite images (To keep this under 60 images nearly resulted in Paul + I divorcing ha ha)

Enjoy some of our favourites…


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Industrial London Wedding

Stoke Newington –
06 St.Chad’s Place – – we are absolutely gutted as this venue is now closed 🙁
Hair + MUA –
Dress –
Pizza Union –
Bouquet –
Bus –
Shane’s Suit –
Industrial London Wedding

Robyn + Shane’s Wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding

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  1. Voyteck says:

    great set, love it!

  2. matt parry says:

    Yo..what an awesome set of images Mr + Mrs C! Fun, laughter and great light! BOOM!

  3. Tobiah Tayo says:

    Wow – this wedding looks amazing! Love the portraits in the strong sunlight – and that pizza – Now i’m officially hungry 🙂

  4. Matthew Long says:

    Absolutely stunning work guys. Yes, you had beautiful people and beautiful light but I was scrolling through consistently welcomed by unexpected and interesting frames. Top stuff.

  5. Neil Redfern says:

    Incredible set of images – I love the way you have handled the light in the portraits, your use of light and shadows is amazing!

  6. Bloody gorgeous – THOSE PORTRAITS! Fantastic!

  7. Wonderfull in a very unique way, congrats !

  8. Yolande says:

    Gorgeous work! St Chads is one of my favourite wedding venues and the way you have used the light is amazing!

  9. Awesome wedding! Can’t get enough of it! I am looking at every picture for the second time! Congrats’ for these incredible pictures! <3

  10. Thomas Blake says:

    Really nice work under what looks like some difficult lighting conditions.

  11. Eneka says:

    Awesome x 100! Love every single frame. Also her dress is to die for – wow. x

  12. Paul Keppel says:

    what a great set of images, love the contrasty light in the portrait section.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Lovely set and especially love how you embraced the sun in the portrait session

  14. Adam Johnson says:

    This is absolutely stunning work you guys. Especially loved the shot of bride walking up the bus steps and the hard light portraits. Epic.

  15. Bart says:

    EPIC!!! Love the shot with dude carry A letter on his head 😀

  16. Congratulations the photos are wonderful, great work!

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