7 Best Places to Host Your Micro Wedding in Leeds

We, as Wedding Photographers have recently seen Micro Weddings become increasingly popular, and we think it’s for the better. Hosting a micro wedding allows you to celebrate your special day with only your closest family and friends, creating a more intimate experience. If you’re planning a small wedding in Leeds and looking for alternative wedding venues that suit your style of fun, colourful and informal, then you’re in luck. Here are the best 7 small wedding venues you should be considering to host your micro wedding in Leeds.

Our Criteria for Selecting the Best Micro Wedding Venues in Leeds

Before we dive into the best micro-wedding venues in Leeds, it’s important to understand the criteria we used to select them. When choosing a venue for a micro wedding, several factors need to be considered. Such as the size, location, amenities, and overall vibe of the venue. We picked the following 7 venues based on their proximity to Leeds Civic Hall. The Civic Hall is one of the best places to have your legal ceremony. Their capacity for a small wedding reception, their unique ambience, and of course the photo opportunities fit perfectly with our style of informal wedding photography.

Leeds Civic Hall

Let’s start here. You need to have a place to legally get married in Leeds and that for us has to be Leeds Civic Hall. It’s a historic setting with stunning architecture, right in the heart of Leeds City Centre. It’s in close proximity to all the venues we are going to discuss in this article. Leeds Civic Hall is the perfect venue for your micro wedding.

The venue offers beautiful and intimate rooms to host your small wedding ceremony. The stunning steps as you exit the building provide a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos. Leeds Civic Hall is the ideal location for couples seeking an intimate wedding ceremony in a grand setting. We have loads of helpful articles and real weddings from Leeds Civic Hall which you can explore here.

confetti at leeds civic hall


Iberica is a modern and stylish Spanish restaurant that offers a unique and creative space for an alternative wedding venue in Leeds. With a capacity of up to 26 guests in their Private dining room or even the option to have complete exclusive use. Iberica serves up some exceptional food and drinks, making it a cool spot as a small wedding venue. The chic and stylish interior of the restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photos as you enjoy your drinks reception. Iberica is a perfect venue for couples looking for an intimate wedding with amazing food and service. It’s simply one of the best small wedding venues in Leeds! You can view one of our Micro weddings at Iberica here.

 A picture of the cured meat platters that iberica Leeds serves.

Dakota Hotel

The Dakota Hotel offers a luxurious and sophisticated setting for intimate weddings. With various room options depending on guest numbers, the hotel provides some wonderful dishes in a luxurious atmosphere. The venue boasts contemporary interiors with an emphasis on elegance and comfort, providing a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. If you’re looking for a low-key wedding with exceptional service and sophistication, then the Dakota Hotel is the perfect venue for a smaller celebration. You can see some Sneak Peeks of Adam + Anjulee’s Dakota Micro Wedding here.

A photograph of the private dining room at Dakota Leeds ready for a Micro Wedding.

Northern Monk Refectory: The Chapter Hall

If you’re looking for a unique venue for your micro wedding in Leeds, then the Chapter Hall on the top floor of Northern Monk Refectory is a perfect choice. With a capacity of up to 60 guests, this industrial brewhouse and taproom offer exceptional craft beer and food. The industrial ambience of the venue, with its exposed brick walls and vault ceilings, provides a perfect backdrop. The Northern Monk Refectory is the perfect venue for couples seeking an alternative wedding venue that’s a little bit different.

A view of Northern Monk Refectory from outside

New Craven Hall

If you’re looking for an industrial and rustic charm, then the New Craven Hall is the perfect venue for your micro wedding. Even though the capacity is pretty large here, Jane and the team at the venue provide the flexibility to customise the space to suit any wedding size. If you are looking for a wedding venue just out of the City Centre then this venue is perfect. You can also legally get married here which is an alternative to Leeds Civic Hall for your ceremony.

The New Craven Hall offers some great spots for informal wedding photography with its charming outdoor relaxation area using pallet Furniture and atmospheric festoon lighting. This venue is perfect for couples who want an Urban Luxe setting for their micro wedding. Check out this awesome New Craven Hall Wedding here.

bride and groom in a close embrace at new craven hall

The Tetley

The Tetley is a contemporary and cultural setting that provides the perfect ambience for your micro wedding. With the ability to host small weddings, this former brewery turned contemporary art gallery offers an unusual and unique setting for your wedding reception. The space is versatile, with various rooms that can be customised to suit individual preferences. The exposed brickwork and historical charm create an industrial chic ambience that’s perfect for informal wedding photography. The Tetley is the perfect venue for couples seeking a modern and cultural setting for their special day. This small wedding at The Tetley was a tonne of fun!

Bride and groom stood with a classic american car outside The Tetley in Leeds

The Lost and Found: Leeds Club

The Lost and Found is a whimsical and quirky venue that’s perfect for couples seeking a unique and memorable space for their micro wedding. The venue’s decor is inspired by the Victorian era and features a range of eccentric and whimsical touches. The venue can host weddings from as few as 8 guests and offers several private dining spaces that can be customised to suit individual preferences. The venue’s quirky decor and eclectic ambience create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for laid-back wedding photography.

If you’re looking for a whimsical and unique setting for your micro wedding, The Lost and Found is a perfect choice. Oh, and they also have a second venue over on Greek Street too which also has private dining options for your small wedding celebration. The Lost and Found has been through a major refurbishment since we last shot there but we are super excited to get back there soon!

A groom in bow tie stood by the bar at Lost and Found Leeds Club


Located on the fifth floor of Trinity Leeds, Crafthouse offers a stunning panoramic view of the city that’s perfect for an intimate and memorable micro wedding. The venue’s contemporary decor and open kitchen create a sophisticated and modern ambience that’s perfect for couples seeking a low-key and intimate reception. Crafthouse can accommodate larger weddings but also has private dining for up to 20 guests. The venue’s rooftop terrace is perfect for a champagne toast or for taking romantic photos with the stunning view of the city skyline as a backdrop. Crafthouse is a perfect choice for couples looking for a stylish and modern venue for their micro wedding in Leeds. You can view Kimberley + Jason’s Unique Micro Wedding at Crafthouse here.

A bride and groom kissing on the roof terrace of Crafthouse in Leeds.


In conclusion, there are several small wedding venues in Leeds that are perfect for hosting your micro wedding. All of the venues mentioned above offer a unique and intimate setting for your special day, making them ideal for couples seeking an informal and personalised wedding reception. As we specialise in fun, colourful, and informal wedding photography, we have had the privilege to photograph in all of these fantastic wedding venues and can vouch for their suitability for our style of photography. Whether you’re looking for a grand and historic setting or an unconventional and alternative venue, Leeds has plenty of options for a low-key and intimate wedding.

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