I was asked a question this week during a meeting that had me jump into action, bash a few keys and write this post.

The question was –  ‘Why do we need a photographer to photograph the groom?’

You have been in a relationship then got engaged on a beautiful hillside of the Amalfi Coast, been out to numerous dress shops to find the perfect wedding dress, found a tailor to make him a sharp looking suit and decided what colour wedding pom-poms you’re going to have hanging from that beautiful wedding venue you have looked round numerous times.  You are planning your wedding together as a couple. That’s right a couple. Two of you! and this is going to be the best day of your lives!

The day starts with the photographer arriving with the bride and because he/she is shooting alone it will be highly likely that they will not see the groom until they get to the wedding ceremony location.  The grooms day doesn’t start at the church when the photographer arrives just before the bride arrives it starts the same time as the bridal preparations and we love to capture this part of the day.

You are both getting married so why not photograph the groom getting ready?

When we meet couples at our studio or via Skype, I get to say how much I LOVE this part of the day. Wether it’s walking in to a room full of slightly hungover groomsmen trying to nurse their headaches with a good ‘ol english fry up or wether it’s the guys going off for a swim in the hotel swimming pool it’s all the story of the day and it all needs documenting for our couples so they can look at the pictures and laugh and reminisce over how much they looked like they were crapping their pants that morning! It’s 100% memories right there!!!

When we got married back in 2008, it was quite unheard of that the groom would be photographed getting ready. We broke the rules and have no regrets!! The reason why? Paul planned the whole wedding from start to finish. He was sat right there on the sofa sipping champagne as we picked bridesmaid dresses, the table decorations, locations and most importantly the photographers. He was just truly amazing and still is! For this reason I wanted Paul to be photographed and so did he. We wanted to look at our photographs and see what each of us had been doing that morning. It was the build up to the biggest day of our lives and I wanted to know what he was getting up to.  These personally are my favourite photographs of him.

For us it is a necessity to have two photographers at your wedding, yeah there are many photographers out there who work alone and they are amazing at what they do but working alone is not for us!  With there being two of us at your wedding it is important to really tap into the bonuses of that and capture both bridal party and grooms party. Then thank us later!!

Same rules apply for same sex weddings.  No one is more important than the other and both should be photographed!

Here are a selection of my favourite images before getting married…. Today It’s all about the groom..

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