Commercial Photograpy West Yorkshire – Pizza Loco – Sunbridge Wells

Commercial Photography West Yorkshire – Pizza Loco – Sunbridge Wells

‘Do you do any other photography other than weddings?’

This is one of our most asked questions. Originally we started in 2011 not knowing what we wanted to do until we shot our first wedding. That was it. We were hooked on weddings.

Fast forward 7 years until 2018 and here we are. Do we still love weddings? HELL YES. Probably more than we did in 2011. The thing is we are now much more experienced, much more wiser, much more older than we were in 2011. We have realised that in our time shooting weddings we want to branch out into other photography services. We get asked by our previous couples for family shoots, maternity shoots, newborn shoots and other types of photography and we have realised we love taking pictures, well, of almost anything!  Everything is a challenge and we want to see what we can do and create outside of weddings.

Fear not…We are still shooting weddings and this will always be our first passion. As time grows, as we grow and as our little business has grown it is time to branch out and see what else we can do.

That leads us onto today’s blog post.

Wood Fired Pizza in Bradford

Commercial Photography. We wanted to take pictures of things we love. What better to start with than one of our favourite loves. PIZZA! Not any old pizza, wood fired pizza and there was only one place to start with. Pizza Loco.

The back story to how we met Olly and Pizza Loco.

Street Food, Trinity, Leeds

We were shopping in Leeds a few years ago and made a pit stop at The Trinity in Leeds to grab some food. There was this cool pizza street food engine. It looked like a train and the pizzas coming out of the wood fired oven looked amazing. We ordered the pizza and immediately what we can only describe as a taste explosion happened and we immediately fell in love with wood fired pizza. We left very happy and a started to follow Olly and his journey with Pizza Loco on social media.

Olly shares everything. On his Instagram he is often doing stories or live videos on how to make dough, topping and pizza. Pizza Loco started out as a pizza truck so it wasn’t often we would be able to visit where Olly and the van would be to grab a pizza. In our quest for our wood fired pizza fix we bought our very own pizza oven in the summer. The first person we asked for help with our recipes and dough was Olly. He shared everything we needed to know about pizza and pizza making so we were able to get our own pizza fix. As much as we love our wood fired pizza they are never as good at Olly’s.

One evening at the end of summer Pizza Loco announced they were opening a shop/restaurant. Not just any shop/restaurant but it literally is a 20 minute drive from home! Now we can drive over to get a Pizza Loco pizza at any time we like! Happy bloody days.

We contacted Olly as we were so excited about his new place and asked when we could come and have some of his pizza. The date was set and we popped over on the opening night.

Pizza Loco

On the opening night we had the pleasure of tasting the gorgeous pizzas from the new Gozney Wood Fired Oven and we took some pictures too!

Olly, Pizza Loco and all the rest of the staff Thank you for inviting us to your opening night. We had a blast taking pictures of your new gaff.  We would absolutely LOVE to do more of this line of work.

If anyone is looking for Pizza in the North/West Yorkshire Area head over to Sunbridge Wells in Bradford and prepare for your tastebuds and tummies to explode!

Here are some pictures from the evening…..

Commercial Photography West Yorkshire

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If you or your company are looking for some alternative images or Commercial Photography West Yorkshire for your business please do contact us and we can have a chat.

Pizza Loco –

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