Mollie + Ted – Parknasilla Wedding, Dromquinna Manor in Kenmare

Parknasilla Wedding in Ireland

When we were first contacted by Mollie+Ted to shoot their Parknasilla Wedding  we were over the moon. Not only because we were excited to hang out with Mollie, Ted and their wonderful friends and family, but also because it was all happening in Ireland, Republic of Ireland to be exact and to be precise, just outside of Kenmare! Ireland is somewhere we have never been to before so we were absolutely pumped about it when they confirmed the booking with us!  The day was also going to be an American/Irish Wedding. Mollie + Ted live in the USA and Ted’s family are from Ireland so they chose to come back to Ireland to celebrate their Parknasilla Wedding day.

We arrived the day before and headed straight to the venues in the glorious sun so we could scope out a few locations.  We wouldn’t normally do that but Mollie + Ted were having a First Look (we’ll talk about that in a second) and time was tight on the wedding day so we decided to do it the day before.  We were in for a real treat with this wedding! After our scope we headed back in to Kenmare to sample the great atmosphere and demolish some very wonderful food before heading to the cutest little airbnb cottage we hired.

On the morning of the wedding Kel headed to the boys where she was met by Ted and his family and was given the most warm Irish/American welcome.  Lots of hugs and a good cup of tea were offered on welcome.  While Kelly was having fun shooting the boys in the Parknasilla woodland villas nearby Paul headed to the suites at Parknasilla to meet Mollie and her crew.  He was greeted by laughter and a lot of fun.  American girls know how to party and Mollie’s sister was definitely a great character to have great banter with!

First Look

A first look is more popular in the USA than it is here in the UK. It is a tradition that we want UK wedding couples to follow as it is just one of the BEST moments of a wedding day. Let us explain. A first look is where the bride and groom meet once they are all dressed in the wedding attire. It takes place before the wedding ceremony. They meet before they are married (Yes we are sure there will be some gasps of horror) A lot of people in the UK say it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony but we think this is a load of codswallop!  It is the most amazing moment.  It takes away the fear and the nerves for the actual wedding ceremony.  It is a moment where you can see your other for a moment of quiet, excitement and to tell each other how amazing you both look.  Mollie + Ted chose to read some personal vows to each other whilst we just stood back and took a load of pictures.  You will see from the pictures how amazing this moment is!  Come on UK wedding couples, get on the first look train!

Saint Michael’s Church, Sneem, Kenmare

After the first look we headed to the church in Sneem. The church ceremony was conducted by the most wonderful Catholic Father who had everyone howling with laughter. The ceremony was personal, fun and full of love. The ceremony itself was held in St. Michael’s Church in Sneem, County Kerry which is possibly the most beautiful little Catholic Churches we have ever seen. Once the ceremony had concluded everyone spilled out onto the patio and Mollie+Ted left the church into about 1 million bubbles that the wedding party were filling the Irish Air with.

Dromquinna Manor in Kenmare

Once the ceremony had finished we headed to our third and final venue of the day.  Dromquinna Manor in Kenmare.  Equally as beautiful as the last two venues and situated on the edge of the sea.  (We were totally spoilt for locations hey?)  On the terrace Guinness and canapés were served and we took some gorgeous photos of M+T’s family before the heavens absolutely opened.  It chucked it down with rain for almost an hour.  No one cared in the slightest.  Everyone just carried on indoors having a flippin’ great time.  The speeches were held and a lot of people cried (oh and bridesmaid and bride speaking!  HELL TO THE YES!!!) and finished off with Ted’s gran singing to a rapturous applause.  Everyone tucked into the delicious American/Irish food before heading onto the dance floor and partying away.

Irish/American Wedding

Mollie + Ted put a lot of trust into us to capture all aspects of their day. They planned the wedding from America and neither of us had seen any of the venues but they just let us got on and do our thing and that is so, so important for us.  Mollie + Ted also climbed onto the rocks right beside the sea to get some great pictures just after their first look and their trust in our direction made the results well worth it.  Mollie + Ted we cannot thank you enough for being such wonderful, kind hearted people on your wedding day. We are soooo happy with these preview images and we just can’t wait to show you the rest of your amazing Irish/American Wedding. Thank you.

Lastly, Thank you Ireland for being completely and utterly beautiful in every single way. We will be back soon!

Here are a selection of our faves from M+T’s Parknasilla Wedding.

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