We just don’t know where to start writing with Lottie + Oli’s Wedding at Owen House Wedding Barn. This wedding touched us and we shall never forget it. When you meet a couple, their friends and family and want to be a part of that group you know that they will make an impression on you that will last one hell of a long time.

Lottie + Oli are ace. The first time we skyped with these crazy dudes we were all sat in PJ’s having a laugh and then their newborn baby Will puked all over Oli. We laughed so much during that skype chat that we knew their wedding would be completely and utterly brilliant. Just like them.

I don’t think Paul had ever laughed so much at bridal preparations. Lottie and her friends do that to you. They are a fantastic bunch of friends who laugh, cry and talk from the heart. Lottie is a wedding make up artist herself and was applying blusher and lippy to all the girls during bridal prep. We can’t think of too many brides who could do that on their own wedding day so that shows the type of person she is.

Lottie + Oli were married at the fantastic Owen House Wedding Barn. This place is a hidden gem. A Cheshire wedding barn full of rustic charm, red brick walls, railway sleepers, hay bales, selfie loving cows and as you can see the odd window laying around. We love this wedding barn! The ceremony was just beautiful. Lottie’s proud grandfather walked her towards Oli and boy did he look proud. There was so much laughter, fun and tears throughout the ceremony it was truly amazing to watch!

After a very beautiful ceremony everyone headed outside onto the patio to enjoy prosecco, canapés and to soak in the beats of the buskers before we heading off with Lottie, Oli and their bridal party to take a few snaps around the farm. Before we knew it Lottie was climbing up on the bales jumping about having so much fun. She even threw herself off into the groomsmen. It was truly hilarious and then we pee’d ourselves even more when Oli did it and split his trousers.

The speeches were pretty bloody awesome too. Unfortunately both Lottie and Oli’s fathers have passed away so Oli did the father of the bride speech and the grooms speech. Both absolutely amazing, from the heart and so emotional. There were many tears, both happy and sad. Even the best mans speech had us all chocked up and we both shed a tear or two whilst hiding behind our cameras. Speeches from the heart, and not copied and pasted from the internet are truly beautiful.

After the speeches we asked if Oli + Lottie wanted to catch the sunset that was appearing over the hill so we hopped into the car and drove to a beautiful field. After jumping over the gate and walking through the field we left Oli and Lottie to have some time alone while we just documented them and their love of each other with the sunset in the background. The light was amazing, the weather was great and we loved this time watching how in love and happy these guys are.

The first dance was ACE and we now constantly play this tune on Spotify. Church by The 2 Bears. What an ace first dance song and perfect for these two crazy dudes. After the first dance the dance floor was packed with lungers, tie wearers, limbo dancers, crazy ladies dancing like no one was watching and the staff were even dancing. We didn’t want to leave!

I don’t know what it is about Lottie and Oli but as soon as you meet them you instantly want to be friends with them. When they walk into a room they light it up. Their personalities are positive and are both a bundle of energy. They are humorous, witty, generous and are totally in love with each other. We are so glad that we have remained in touch and are planning to meet up soon.

HUGE thanks to the team at Owen House Wedding Barn for looking after us on the day, All of the guests too as each one of you contributed to making Lottie and Oli’s day so memorable. Finally a massive thank you to Lottie and Oli.  We love you!

Here are our faves….

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